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Television regulators also have linguistic hierarchy cunt tops the watchdog Broadcasting Standards Commission list of most offensive words Tara Conlan . Several contemporary feminists have followed the Wife example challenging male monopolisation of sexual discourse and seeking specifically to reappropriate word cunt itself reinvesting with more positive meaning Deborah Cameron counteract anachronistic slur female sexuality Joan Smith [...] 191

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These terms contain letter and this clue that their evolution from cu was indirect. Even today there are debates concerning harmful effects of obscene material whether pornography encourages rape for instance and film violence violent crime. A Cunning Stunts tshirt is also available and Cupid has been produced by SmellYourMum [...] 722

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Paris Burning unique insight into community featuring many gender nonconforming people time when was rare see trans speak camera their own voices. She leading women and the world to different consciousness of essence Kate Kellaway is apogee this vagina hyperbole. These defence witnesses were only seldom crossexamined as CH Rolph puts No questions said surprising Mr GriffithJones [...] 1267

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Etymology The Origin Of Word cunt is actually considerably more complex than generally supposed. Everything looks ready to bite cut sting or poison. end new Date Image c Url if var [...] 685

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The band Prosthetic Cunt have been played by John Peel on Radio sound of saying sampled from him announcing name air was used Sarah Nelson her song Cuntry Music . Undeterred Hamlet describes nothing as fair thought to lie between maid legs [...] 703

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The word was mumbled rather than spoken and consequently programme producers failed to notice it. Kirn explains the offensiveness cunt with reference to its plosive phonetics and semantic reductionism word ugly sonic package as compact stone . The slang word clacker compares to vagina children snapping toy. In one study only of respondents men women considered the vagina body part that is freely mentionable [...] 1314

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Graeme Donald cites another form of cunt used as proper noun this time in medieval surnames two which predate OED earliest citation Early records mention such female Gunoka Cuntles Bele Wydecunthe and presumably promiscuous sporting Godwin Clawecunte John Fillecunt Robert Clevecunt . After bunt came Lunt Jack Dee joked about schoolteacher who was teased because his name Mr Juliet May [...] 804

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Thus in Measure For we find counsellors used pun on cuntsellers Good lack no clients b . Other cunt related band names include Selfish Valley Rotten Anal AC Cuntsaw Mary New Cuntry Grinder Elvis Filthy Maggoty Immanuel Sawtoothedcunt Unholified Through MC Chop Anus Fuck Cants Pork Hunts Kuntz Deadly Seven backing group Gang pun on Kool FCC Flying of Chaos Simon Price Kunst Bangkok formerly known as Discocxnt Perhaps most mainstream with song title Sleeper who recorded London Bside . For example CUNT IS USEFUL THING was used placard slogan at lesbianrights marches [...] 91

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Typical of this evasive trend William Blackstone footnote Twelfth Night CUT pun he mentions that some very coarse and vulgar appellations are meant be alluded by these capital letters though does reveal exactly what those . In his novel Porno Welsh has fun repeating the word CUNT. The various epithets used to insult mentally handicapped people represent further lexicon of reclaimed pejoratives [...] 143

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Most recently Greer has undergone change of heart now proclaiming herself pleased that cunt remains the ultimate insult Anthony Barnes explains his article Word Thirty years ago Germaine set out to defuse explosively taboo English language. Less provocatively Drew Carey chose particularly easy target when said Osama bin Laden cunt. Ira D Sherman Impenetrable Devices series includes several similar rapeprevention mechanisms including Intimate Electric Fence capable of giving shock to rapist penis and the selfexplanatory Saber Tooth Speculum Bear Trap Corset [...] 1299

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It s one of those great words that can get many different reactions from people. All Countesses in honour her surmount They haue she had an honourable . The film Bunch Of Kunst directed by Christine Franz has similar pun its title. ns f lay if t function e var new Date h ift sj evt nd sched sb st wpc Inst mplete [...] 1080

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A tshirt featuring drawing of girl painting the word cunt was used to promote Hot Damn club night . Thus alongside the linguistic suppression of cunt vagina also physically suppressed importance vaginal size evident contexts as diverse slang comedy and surgical practices to tighten Virginia Braun Celia Kitzinger . Meanwhile the University President Betsy Hoffman citing Geoffrey Chaucer defended word as term endearment John Ensslin [...]