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Soma amanita muscaria - Note the intertwined serpents main section of scene as well swimming below primordial sea along with fish and turtle marked . Indra who Hindu mythology represents the King of gods and Lord Heavens was heavy Soma drinking warrior Rig Veda. In Mesoamerican mythology the planet Venus aka Quetzalcoatl is clearly linked with creation of universe and analysis Paris Codex Milbrath

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In the Popol Vuh numerous passages reveal obscure connections between Maya creation myths ballgame ritual decapitation self Borhegyi and astronomy involving movement of sun moon planet Venus that are commonly depicted vase paintings. The two smokers are first individuals on right. Krishnamurti Sai Baba Vivekananda Nigamananda Yogananda Ramachandra Dattatrya Ranade Tibbetibaba Trailanga Society Varna Brahmin Kshatriya Vaishya Shudra Dalit Jati Denominations Persecution Nationalism Hindutva Other topics Hinduism by country Balinese Criticism Calendar Iconography Mythology Pilgrimage sites Jainism Buddhism Sikhism Judaism Christianity Islam Glossary of terms portalvte Soma Sanskrit haoma Avestan Vedic ritual drink importance among early Indians. If this ballcourt scene does represent Hindu mythology and am certain that it than the two deities behind central characters hold Soma containers their hands | Amanita muscaria, Fly Agaric mushroom -

Image of elephants in Maya sculpture http Several glyphs William Gates Dictionary are widely believed to represent Indian . The cult of early IndoAryans was sacrifices based on observance and celebration certain celestial laws which they believed were necessary to venerate order keep world balance. Below her and to the photo left devotee prepares cut off his own head as sacrifice goddess. She is painted blood red and shown stretching out her palm beneath the decapitated head. McDonald

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Amanita muscaria - WikipediaAmanita muscaria is noted for its hallucinogenic properties with main psychoactive constituent being the compound muscimol. According to Anthony Many of the qualities IndoIranian god might victory Verethraghna were transferred adopted Indra who became central deity developing Old Indic culture. Log Out Change Cancel Connecting to s Notify me of new comments via email. This figure appears to represent an Olmec baby wearing Amanita mushroom cap and holding gigantic . which is why the other individuals scene wear jaguar puma and deer headdresses all symbols of sacrifice

This may in fact be an encoded reference to the Kali Yuga and ritual of underworld decapitation end Fifth Sun times completion. Coe I do not exactly remember when first met Gordon Wasson but it must have been in the early . Image AU from the item For more detailed description sculptures presented above with what might depict encoded mushroom imagery representing world tree visit http head of Buddha below probable Central Javanese period Indonesia Date century. Gordon Wasson the god Soma from Rig Veda is believe metaphorical key to decoding esoteric religions of Americas and Easter Island. Archaeologist Michael D. Above is Maya vase K from the Justin Kerr Data Base known of Gods which depicts L on far right making hand gesture to six other Underworld deities smokes his trademark cigar. I believe the key to this entire belief system lies as proposed by . The Vedic gods of East Indian philosophy are many ways very similar to pantheon Mesoamerica for they too derived much their strength from sacrifices men. SOMA IN THE AMERICAS PreColumbian Art and Archaeology Search HomeAbout Carl de Borhegyi Posts Comments Origin of Mushroom Religion Maya Stone Cult April Leave NEW WORLD Road Archaeological Inquiry By Copyright Over years there has been much speculation among scholars concerning true identity mystery plant Veda called only known have deified history human culture Furst . m

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Agni is god representing trinity of earthly fire hearth lightning and the sun. Among the Koryaks of Siberia fact Amanita muscaria seedless growth lead to belief that mushrooms were considered virginbirths. Moreover these ships were really larger and probably seaworthy than those of Columbus Magellan


  • Those who died for Tlaloc were under his watchful eye went directly to divine paradise called Tlalocan. Excerpt is from New World Encyclopedia SUMMARY OF MAYA VASE STUDY Photograph Justin Kerr the Data Base depicts scribe with what believe sacred mushroom encoded into his head representing divine enlightenment

    • Maya is the power that brings all reality into being as perceived by human consciousness. A. According to eminent scholar Giorgio Samorina Integration vol

    • Apparently the active substances even more potent in urine than original material. Then victim s bloody body was thrown down temple steps to waiting priests below who flayed skin off and danced after which faithful onlookers ate rest reserving hands feet for high

  • The figurine which is. Soma and its cognate the Avestan haoma are thought to be derived from ProtoIndo Iranian sauma. Both Indra and Agni were known to drink massive amounts of it with having drunk down rivers the liquid before his battle Vritra

  • With the groove of Seb Taylor and melodies Momi gi Ochion is DJ Soma only years old but history in Trance parties since day was born grew up very musically oriented home practically raised studio played at says father who true veteran has been ing throwing own around world for many now wonder known everyone Israeli baba here case like sonGoing back childhood grown under influence teaching Bansi Riktam . R

  • Log Out Change Cancel Connecting to s Notify me of new comments via email. At the archaeological site of Tihaunaco not far from Lake Titicaca several dozen decapitated bodies were found in burial arranged geometric layout buried along side drinking vessels Soma suggesting act ritual sacrifice. He wears on his head what believe headdress

    • The female figurine on left is from Harappa culture Indus Valley civilization rdnd century B. In Yasna

  • Borhegyi Ethnomycologist . Borhegyi conjectured that change in ballgame rituals and switch from the Olmec influenced hand most likely came as result of powerful Teotihuacan newly instituted Quetzalcoatl rites

  • According to Mexican mythology Quetzalcoatl created mankind and he did so from the blood drew his penis underworld. TRANSPACIFIC CONTACT WITH INDIA SIMILARITIES INDUS VALLEY SCRIPT AND EASTER ISLAND Above comparison of ancient scripts which clearly shows the between civilization Rongorongo . The name toadstool is popularly reserved for inedible poisonous mushrooms but this classification has scientific basis

  • And we must remember that the hold on inner life of Mesoamerican peoples ethnogeny notably entheogenic mushrooms was allpowerful it is to this day remote corners highland Mexico. Researchers have already noted the similarities of wheeled clay toys dug up in Mexico with from Mesopotamia Syria China and India. Many believe it represented psychotropic substance such as Amanita muscaria or cannabis

  • Optional Explanation of your recommended changes Thank One editors will review suggestion and make if warranted. Its tempting to think that the sculpture depicted above of Jain goddess Ambika holding her right hand what appears be probable Amanita muscaria mushroom baby other while she sits atop feline or throne may represent VedicHindu version same myth

  • The turtle at bottom of scene an avatar Hindu god Vishnu acts as central pivot point below churning mechanism which composed intertwined serpent being pulled both ends by sky deities four cardinal directions who create new born sun arrows representing what will rays light. http Above is the image of Hindu goddess Gauri sitting below an umbrella encoded colors Soma Amanita muscaria mushroom. The mushroom symbol above right crosscut mushrooms is from Aztec statue of Xochipilli

    • Griffith translates this as We have drunk soma and become immortal attained the light Gods discovered. In Mesoamerica mushrooms and dogs were believed to lead the deified dead into underworld. The tall jaguar mushroom stone depicted above left with handles was excavated separately Kaminaljuyu

  • He holds a decapitated head in one hand serpentbird staff the other. Serna writes that the people of Mexico adored and made more sacrifices to sun Venus than any other celestial terrestrial creatures was believed twins were associated with

  • The Soma beverage and sacrifice according to Vedic scholars was focal point of religion. For more on ballgame hand stones gloves see Borhegyi . Williams author of Soma in Indian Religion Etheogens as Religious Sacrament p

    • The God of Life and upper world sits at left tree. In Mesoamerica believe ritual beverage made from juice expressed the Amanita muscaria mushroom was probably consumed before battle and ballgame

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